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My first surreal/symbolistic poem

Yeah, this is my first ever attempt in that vein, since surrealism has always thrilled me yet I hadn't managed to write something in that vein for ages. Let's hope my 1st one ain't such a bad attempt!

Time and time again, What you said ain't what you mean...Collapse )

Another poem...

Well, yeah, this one was a personal bet for me, since it's been a long time since my creative spirit did manifest! So, yeah, it's a personal note to breaking free, but I won't say more...Enjoy!

Sacrilege and blasphemy set the stage today...Collapse )

A poem with tons of spleen

How a Valentine's Day can be really fucked up? With your parents being the drama queens, threatening each other for divorce and all that fuckery!! I'm sorry for my parents, if they ever read this, but I've seriously had enough!! Enjoy!!

...Your mind is sickly with Alzheimer's disease, and decadence and debauchery killed your memories...Collapse )


Well, girls, I decided to write this self-sarcastic poem, after looking at some high school photos of mine...this did make me recollect all my bad memories and finally taking notice of how my 'old me' died. Hope you enjoy it and don't be scared with the morbid title...now you know why it is named like that.

Your mind tells you that you've lost your confidence...Collapse )

Another poem...

Yes, another poem from me. However, now it's of the 'bitching' type, it ain't of my usual "getting-inspired-by-a-beautiful-male-muse" ones. In fact, it refers to some awful friendships, especially having in mind the friend of 3 years who backlashed me behind my back, and still telling me she loves me one night, when she argued with a friend of hers, turning up in the middle of night at my place, and the next day ignoring me. Still, there are echoes to ex friends and boyfriends! And I have a hint for someone I totally love, and the same hint goes for other friends and people who have loved me back as much as I am and new friends! I challenge you to find the hint! ;) Enjoy!

To sell out all your friends and stab them in the back, it's something that you are; something that I'm not...Collapse )

The 1st poem for Dave...

You know it was time I did that. It's like, let's say, as if I wrote a letter to him. So, yeah, I know I will surprise you with what my new muse brought on my mind. It came out a bit different than I had originally planned, but I'll just let you read on... Hope you enjoy it.

Tears filled my eyes as we said our last goodbyes...Collapse )

My new poem, at last!!

After a month of 'infertility', my creativity came back at last!! ;) Thank God, my muse never left me!! This is dedicated to him...for the days when he made me the happiest girl on Earth and gave me a 'voice' at last!! I have trouble coming up with a title (besides the fact that writing this poem was a real challenge...trying to convey in English all those feelings from Greek! Difficult, difficult!) But it one of my most rebellious ones, I think. If you are able to help me and have any ideas, that will be welcome!! Anyway, here we go and enjoy it!!

Can you help me find a title?Collapse )

Another poem...

This is a new poem for You-Know-Who...It's not one of the most romantic ones, as it's referred to the recent events in my country and the loneliness I felt back then...and the only companion I had back then: his voice...and maybe the thought of him, which were the only things that would give me solace. Loneliness is a heavy burden, I tell you...

There can be no denying that the wind will shake 'em down...Collapse )

Another poem...

OK, I've screwed your nerves, but I just can't help it!! The joint lines I had written for that in English became a great vehicle for writing it in Greek! I completed the Greek version (which I published today and already got popular, LOL!) and now here's the complete English version I had originally started!

The darkest hour is always before the dawn...Collapse )

Another poem for Bruce!

OK, you may have been bored of me, but it ain't my fault....it's his fault!! xDDDDDD I'll just let you read it, no intro this time!

And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England's mountains green?Collapse )